Why I Love Monday?

Monday my very favourite day…it’s always the beginning of another Awesome week… Monday has the word “Mon” in it, which is French for ‘Mine’…so Monday will always be ‘My Day’…

The start of the week, the start of a new challenge, a new journey and the start to create something better than last week.

I love Mondays….

I find I’m always energised Monday mornings, I think I spend all weekend thinking about all the great things I’m going to do or accomplish in the week ahead…That I’m just busting for Monday to start.

It is like mentally my mind is waiting for Monday to begin something new… I think it stems back from the J.O.B mentality…when you relax on the weekend, and you put everything off till Monday. Let me just give you some clarification…. I don’t have a J.O.B and I don’t have a Boss…for those of you who are wondering, ‘Why the Hell would she be excited to go to work?”

I work for myself, I have a life of Freedom and flexibility.

I choose this option…

I call it an Option or choice to live this way…as everything we do is a choice…

I spend the weekend thinking about all the fabulous things I’m going to do this week, a Blog post I want to write, Lunch with my Husband Doug on a weekday, a Country Drive that ends up at a little Café with a big log fire burning…. my mind wonders….

Just this weekend I have been mentally planning my new veggie garden, all the Heirloom seeds I want to plant, and the little ornamental windmill, I’m going to place in there. I knew that first thing Monday morning, I would go and get some supplies I needed to get it all set up, so when the new seeds arrive in the mail…Im ready to go…

That’s why I’m excited about Monday…

I’m also excited to wake up and check my email… as I have been getting a lot of these lately.

There are sooo many reasons why I love Mondays…

If you really want to love Mondays again and enjoy Freedom & Flexibility, check this out.

Cheers to an Amazing Monday


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