The Formula For Success

If someone who has more success than you…

Makes more money than you…

Gives you an exact blueprint of how they achieved their success. Would you take it? 

More importantly… would you follow their directions?

That’s where I’ve seen the majority of people stumble (including myself in the beginning… I’m pretty stubborn!)

You have to be willing to take a leader’s advice… But also take action and execute their plan. 


If Michael Jordan gave me the exact formula and was willing to coach me on how to shoot a perfect 3 pointer…

I wouldn’t say, “Thanks Michael!” and then go do it my own way. I’d actively listen and take action on what he says because he has more experience and knowledge in throwing a basketball than I do.

Same concept goes for your business…

Decide what you want, and go after it with Everything you’ve got!!

Normally you would have to create a product or a business from scratch, and work your ass off to make it work and never quit… Not anymore here is the business model that’s set to make 100 new Millionaires this year, will you be one of them.

Do what you LOVE and success will follow.

~Feeling Inspired

   Corina Downie

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