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Several years ago I began my personal development journey. I was going through a period in my life where I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I knew it wasn’t the life that I had. I was unhappy with my work, where we were living, finances and the list went on and on.  And I knew there was more I wanted to do, See, Have, Own and Be in my life. But I wasn’t sure exactly what to do about all that.

I took a pad and paper and went I found a quiet place to sit and write, and I just started writing. I wrote down what I wanted to BE, DO and HAVE. This is a great exercise. You can check out full details of that exercise HERE. I also made a vision board; it is simply a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your dreams and all of the things that make you happy

You can check out full details of how to make a Vision Board HERE.

Those 2 things really helped me in changing my life, personally, financially and in a heap of other ways. I was cleaning out my desk drawer the other day and I found one of my journals where I had written my Be, Do, Have exercise down I was so excited to see I had achieved so much of what I had written there, moving to the country by the water, travelling to Tahiti & Fiji (2 places on my Bucket List), creating a multiple 6 figure income, retiring my husband from his J.O.B (Just over broke). , etc., etc. It was an amazing experience to sit there and hold this journal in my hand.

Recently I came across a speaker, Frank Kern, talking about the same thing. But just with a different angle on it… Its ‘Your Ideal Day’.

I did this little video Blog last night, to explain it for you.

The exercise is as follows: Write down what your typical perfect day would be like. If you had to live a single day over and over and be perfectly content with it, what would it look like? And make sure as you answer write this out in first person, as if you are doing it now. Here are some of the questions. And be as specific as possible in the answers:

Where would you live?
What would house look like?
What would it smell like?
What would you do in the morning?
What would you have for breakfast?
What would you be thinking about?

Where would you spend the first half of the day?
What would you have for lunch?
Who would you eat with?
What would your friends be like?
What would you do for personal fulfilment?
What life purpose would you strive towards?
What would your business be?
What time would you start work?
What would you actually do at work?
What are your clients like?
What is relationship like with spouse? Family?
What would you do for family time?
Where would you eat?
Who would you eat with?
What would you talk about?
Who would you do it with?
What time would you go to bed?
What would that look like?
What would you think about when you go to bed?
Who would you be next to (if anyone)?

Doing this exercise works. Plain and simple. It works even faster and more powerfully if you can also make a “vision board”.


I hope you enjoy this exercise. I will be sharing lots of little tips this week on how to truly get out of life’What you want’ all the details will be in the Healthy, Wealthy & Wise section on my blog.

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Cheers Corina

One thought on “Your Ideal Day…. Simple exercise

  1. Gaynor Alexander

    I’m at home this week doing a planning week, I think I got clarity as to what I want to do and some clearing out of junk. So thankyou for this. its a great help.



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