Unhappiness and Negativity is contagious….STAY AWAY!

Yesterday I took some time out for me.

Let me set the scene.

The weather was fabulous so I grabbed a book a glass of wine and headed down to the pool.

I was re-reading some parts of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. I love this book. I’ve read it a stack of times…

One section talks about The Power of Unhappiness.

You know when you visit a friend or talk to them on the phone and they are unhappy. Their mood is sombre, emotional and depressing or they’re angry or negative… they UN intentionally bring you down.

You feel ‘BLAH’ when you leave or get off the phone.

I think those people should wear signs ‘Unhappiness and Negativity is contagious….STAY AWAY!’

Tolle says “Unhappiness spreads more easily than physical disease.”

OMG that’s for sure.

It really made me think back to when I was surrounded by negative people and how my life reflected that negative energy.

I made a decision a few years ago to surround myself with only positive people. There is no negativity allowed in my house… I know you think what a load of BS, but it’s true.

The reason why there is no negativity is because I have no negative friends… I surround myself with positive people; people who will lift me up not bring me down.

I love my life and everyone who is it.

But it was not always this way.

It took me a long time to learn to Love my Life.

If I was unhappy or pissed off with something, I knew I had to accept it, or make a change….. So I would make a change… Job, friends, family, situations, locations, and finances can all be changed. People say you can’t choose your family but you choose your friends, well this may be true, but you don’t have to associate with people who make you unhappy.

We are all given one amazing gift…


You can choose to be Unhappy, or you can choose to be happy.

You can choose to be poor, or you can choose to do something about it.

You can choose to hate your job, or you can choose to do something else.

It’s YOUR life the choice is yours.

3 years ago I started my journey with Personal Development.

Since then I have achieved some massive results in all aspects of my life.

My business has flourished, what I used to make in a year, I have made in 1 month.

My friendships and relationships have blossomed.

I am no longer a ‘Negative Nancy’.

I don’t seem to get as stressed, anxious or bite people’s heads off like I once did.

I truly live a Stress Free Life, but it takes works to keep it that way.

Checkout the Blueprint I use here.

So you’re probably asking, “Why am I sharing this you?”

Because if this one little blog post can help you, Love your Life and all the bits and pieces in it. If I can give you a push in the right direction.

If I can introduce you to Personal Development (if you’re not already a student).

If I can introduce you to the Business Model I use to create a Stress Free Life.

If I can share my knowledge with you.

My job is done.

My passion for personal Development has enhanced my quality of life and has contributed to the realization of my dreams and aspirations.

I want to share it with the world!

Is it time you changed your life.

Corina Downie

Feeling Fabulous

PS. You can grab a copy of The Power of Now here with Free Delivery

The more I read it….the more I understand

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