Cheers to a ‘Got no work done today’ kind of day…

OMG I’m super distracted today…. I can’t seem to get focused.

I have 2 articles to write, I have the content listed out in point form, but my mind is elsewhere…

Actually my mind is everywhere today

I walked to school with Angel this morning as it was National Walk to School day, a bit of a novelty in itself as we don’t normally walk as we live out of town… Then I rushed home so I could attend a webinar LIVE, but got distracted on the way, bumped into friends stopped in for a quick cuppa. Then decided to go and have a late Breaky with Dougie.


I’m constantly dreaming about this farm I saw yesterday OMG I want it… I could have my Jersey cow, breed my awesome chooks and pigs and…. I’m dreaming again…

I’m home trying to focus, that’s why I’m on Facebook the easiest way to waste time EVA… oh but I better go let the Chooks out (haven’t done that yet)

NOW I’m thinking to myself…it’s only an hour till I have to leave again to meet some girlfriends for Friday Sipper’s…. so I can’t possibly start my writing now…. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS

I’m normally pretty disciplined with my work at home; I have my 2 hours per day minimum where I get the bulk of all my tasks done… But not today 🙁

I think it’s okay to have a ‘Got no work done today’ kind of day, as long as you don’t beat yourself up about it…

So let’s just Cheers to a ‘Got no work done today’ kind of day….

Feeling Fabulously Unfocused Today

Corina xx

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