From The Desk of Corina Downie:

Hi my name is Corina, just over 5 years ago, I sold my Award winning traditional Hair and Beauty businesses, packed up and moved my family to the country.

We currently live in the Northern region of Victoria Australia along the beautiful Murray River. I was looking to escape Melbourne’s rat race and live our DREAM country life. I to have a large property so that my children could have lots of animals, room to run around, ride their bikes and have a fulfilled life.

I wanted to be able to pick up and travel and know we have a wonderful place we can always call home.WHEN I TOOK the PLUNGE to sell my businesses and move away, my friends & family told me that I was crazy!

But I had a plan. I wanted to get into the Online Business world.I am now my own Boss, I don’t have to answer to anyone, I can take my children to school, go on school excursions and take holidays when I feel like it. For last year 5 years I have had the flexibility to travel the world to exotic places while running my online business. I have structured my online business so that no matter where I am in the world… The income doesn’t skip a beat.It’s been a Dream Come True.

I get hundreds of messages every month of people requesting for me to help to learn how to create The Stress Free Life they desire and have financial freedom for themselves.The last 5 years have been an amazing journey for me.

I have won many free trips and travelled to exotic locations. I have received many accolades and Awards’ spent 3 years hosting weekly global training calls on Marketing and Social Media strategies, and have been lucky enough to present on this topic at several national conventions.

I’m a Rockstar Mum of 2, Inspiring and motivating others to take control, be their own boss and live The Stress Free Life. Creating a Lifestyle by Design.

I look forward to connecting with you personally.

To Your Success!

Corina Downie