Woo Hoo Its School Holidays!!!

WOO HOO its School Holidays!!

Today’s the first day of the April School Holidays, and it would be an under estimation to say ‘I’m Pumped!’

No getting up early, no school lunches, no running to and from school for drop off and pick up, no set bedtime and NO homework schedule for the kids!!!

So not only am I excited about the sleep ins, but I’m excited about what we’re going to be doing. We have no set schedule and No Boss so we can ‘fly by the seat of our pants’ and be spontaneous…

Yesterday we out Fishing and adventuring all day, we didn’t rush to get home as we normally do on a Sunday evening when the girls have school next the next day.

So today we got up at 9am…woo Hoo sleep ins all-round!!!

There’s no rushing, the girls are not fighting over the bathroom mirror, or arguing over 1 headband (when clearly we have about 20 scattered all over the house). I’m not running around, yelling like a crazy woman trying to get them all in the car on time, instead there is a sense of calm, silence and Zen…. Bliss…

Gotta Love it!!

So I decided to quickly get some work done this morning, so we can go out adventuring for the day.

I manage to get all my work done, without missing out on School Holiday fun with my girls.

I will work an hour in the morning, while the girls are happy doing something, and then I will do an hour in the evening (normally late). That way I don’t miss out on THEM and they don’t miss out on ME. Time goes so fast and our children grow up so fast, if we don’t make time to smell the roses….guess what… the Roses aren’t there anymore. Nothing is more important than my Family time and my RockStar chickibabes!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love a night out on the town with Dougie without the girls, but it is important to have balance and spend quality time with everyone…

I am wrapped I made the decision to work from home, my kids are not in crèche or holiday care, both Dougie and I don’t have a Boss to answer to, we can go out and have lunch on any weekday, we’re not limited to 4 weeks annual leave a year and our income never skips a beat.

Today we’re off out on the boat as soon as I’m done here.

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Enjoy the holidays



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