OMG I’m on the Leader board!!!! …Again

Last week was a busy week for me socially.

You know we all have those weeks, when you spend more time out and about having fun, than you do working… Actually that’s pretty much my week, every week. But last week was super busy; we spent 2 days in Melbourne catching up with friends, dinners a concert and a stack of shopping. Then when we returned we entertained people all weekend.

On Thursday I received a message from one of team members

‘Hey Rockstar, your rocking the Leader board!’

So I quickly jumped on my iPad, logged In, found the Weekly Bonus Pool and this is where I was…. OMG Woo Hoo

Position 24 out of 200,000+ people worldwide is AWESOME!!

Because I had been so pre occupied with my social life, I hadn’t even looked at the Leader board, I had been doing my daily DMO for my Biz which I can do from anywhere… Heck, I was working in the car from my iPad as it’s a 3 hour drive to Melbourne, would rather work in the car, than have to miss time with my friends due to work.

So I finished off the week position 57 with 22 points, and I’m wrapped.

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Consistency is the key, even on my super social busy days I do at least 1 hour of work; this keeps the income flowing constantly. I will even pick up a bonus cheque this week for my efforts…Gotta Love that!!!

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Cheers Corina

Feeling Fabulous

PS. Watch this video

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