Welcome to a Stress Free Life…Let’s hope!!!

Last month, after living through some incredible life-changing events —I decided to change the course of my life completely—I came back to my life, to my home, and sat back and thought to myself, “What do I want out of Life!”

I suffered realisation, fear, and anxiety and shock all whilst riding in the back of an ambulance after suffering a Mini Stroke. I have 2 kids, a loving husband and a menagerie of animals all depending on me… I needed them as much as they needed me.

In the months leading up, I had become so focused on work and forgot to enjoy the important things, taking the kids to school, morning coffees with my husband, feeding my chickens…that I love, spending time in the garden and hanging out with kids. I had my own business and I worked from home, so the flexibility was there….I just didn’t take it.

My priorities changed…

I needed to work…that’s obvious, but I only wanted to work 3 hours per day, I didn’t want to spend my days on the phone speaking to people when it suited them, I wanted to work when it suited me…and preferably not have to speak to people and play ‘The Sales Role’.

I had seen a few things that had appealed to me in the past, but knew I didn’t have the time as my crazy Entrepreneur, Marketer, Writer and a Work from Home Mum Lifestyle was not allowing for a Life let alone with the word Style added to it…..So my new life is a work in progress, I want to inspire and empower people to find a true work/life balance, to do what’s important to them, have a passion a hobby, realise that only they have the power to change.

Plan your time, because time flies, but the good news is you’re the pilot of your life. Stop waiting for life to happen to you and take ownership for leading your life.


Today, 3 weeks to the day after that ambulance trip, I sit here writing my first blog, for my new business.

Very excited about our NEW lifestyle changes and what lies ahead.

My husband (Doug) is my ‘partner in crime’

Welcome to Stress Free Life



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