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Welcome……Is Blogging Scary???

Posted on April 15, 2011 by Corina Kinsmore

Welcome everyone.
This is not only my first Blog on my website, its my first official Blog, ever!!! I have been putting off writing this first Blog as I had no idea what it should contain, or what I should write, or what others want to read in blog. I researched writing a blog, and I found templates, I found strategies, words like management, content, creation, analytics and insights, kept popping up….. All of a sudden I felt, stressed and a bit ill, like I was back at uni writing a thesis, as if my future depended upon it.
So for 2 weeks I’ve pondered lots of ideas in my head about my blog and what I want to be, I decided it should not be hard, I should just write what I want to talk about!!!
Once decided that ‘it’s not scary’!!!! and that ‘my future does not depend on the content of my blog’. I just sat down and started writing…
….Well I want my blog to come from the heart. I want to inspire you, to help you find both personal and financial success. I want to teach you to find your true potential and achieve your goals. I want to show you how to embrace personal growth, and show you how to have a work/life balance that we all desire.
Its time to take control of your life….
work smarter….not harder
OMG I did it!!!!
My first blog, and I feel great



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