A Bottle of Wine, a Phone and a Friend.

As you know I have a love for Blogging everyday. Not only is it my therapy and passion, but its also my business. It pays the bills and gives My Family and I the Stress Free Lifestyle that we so love. So I actually wrote this yesterday, but forgot to post it (possibly due to my seedy slight hangover feeling!) See all the details below.

Last night I had a girl’s night in!! I had scheduled a phone chat with one of my friends from the other side of the country. I had a bottle of wine chilling, homemade pizza, and my ear piece in , so I didn’t have to hold the phone to my ear, my comfy trackies were on bare feet up on the couch, the setting was fabulous and so was the company.

We sat and chatted for hours….and hours…actually 7 hours 20 mins and 14 seconds to be precise ( I have unlimited calls). OMG I’ve never spent that much time on the phone to one person EVER!!!! Let me tell you the time just flew, it’s like we sitting in the same room gas bagging our hearts out.

We had not spoken for quite a while and we had both had some life changing moments occur since we had last spoken.

Picking up the phone and chatting to a friend is sooo therapeutic, its seems everyone is so busy nowadays that they forget to make the time…

A lot of research has been done looking into the benefits of friendship, and the research has found exactly what you might expect. It turns out that the better quality relationships you have; the more likely you are to be happy. Therefore it’s good for your happiness to be a great friend to someone and to have a group of good friends supporting you

Today I feel fabulous (well maybe a little seedy from the bottle of wine and a HALF and the 3.30am bedtime) I feel like I had the best night in ages…..and it was just talking to a friend…. Never forget the small things that make life so frigin awesome.

Just wanted to Share…because I can

Thank God, I work for myself. Dougie took the kids to school and I got out of bed after 9am, what a Rockstar he is….


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